Her roots were strong.

She had no qualms

They never left her for sorrow

She swayed to the tunes of rain.

When the storm settles and the rain quenches, the world will have new insights to share. It will be a better place to exist ….


Tiny fur baby..

Olive green eyes…I know you see the world through them….I see a piece of me in there…..I hope you do too…

Those tiny fangs……tiny yet sharp…..you grab my hand, bring it close and bite me till I scream. I know you love to play….those tiny fangs and nails are the tools with which you sculpt your love…

My baby….you will always be my little rat baby….the one who was destined to hold a piece of my heart in-between those tiny pink paws….

Contrasts that make everything beautiful.

A bunch of contradictions.

This life has taught me the importance of persuasion, or rather the impact of a rhetoric speech. Life is definitely full of ups and downs, quite cliche. Have you ever wondered though, if it weren’t so we would all be going round and round in circles. There will be no sweet aroma of the victory that you have achieved without experiencing the stench of failure. Would you prefer stagnant water or would you rather be a dynamic, lively moving body of water?

Be grateful for everything in your life. Everything has a purpose.

She decides..

The world is a beautiful place. There are innumerable beings, the smallest to the largest, the fearse and the timid, we all share this beautiful home.

The smallest footprints to the largest, the wisest to the impulsive beings have learnt to co-exist through centuries.

Suddenly, one day, we can no longer see the small part that we play in the large picture. We have become the mightiest of them all. Self declared ofcourse.

So, she decided to open her womb, and release death and decay, in an attempt to make us feel humble again….

She failed!!! Man has developed an ego that is larger than her….

She decides to cleanse the world once again to bring back love and harmony…

I can’t explain to you the fluidity in the medium called art. Some may agree with me and some may disagree. It is not for the “professional ” artists alone. Art is like a vacuum that can dissipate negative energy, it is inherently empty, yet, has infinite possibilities. If one can take a piece of paper and draw a few lines and call it art, it is art for her/him. Those lines can have multitudes of emotions for that one person, and the spectator who has independent thoughts and experiences might see something else in those same lines.

I believe that as long as one can see something in the tiniest and the ostensibly insignificant things in this universe art will continue to be the most powerful medium to channel human emotions and temperaments.

I wish I could see the world through her eyes. There is a universe there that you and I wish to see. Beyond the self, beyond our comprehension.

They are warm, soft, and so endearing. They speak of rainbows, not made of colours, but of experiences. Sure, they are within the four walls of our homes. They stare out the windows, sleep on our balconies, eat the leaves off of the potted plants. Have you noticed? That when they see a bug struggling too much they sometimes let it fly away. There is a lot to learn from these often misunderstood tiny beings.

She could no longer feel the warmth of her home. The cacophony around her didn’t strike any familiar notes. The wind no longer growled in dismay or howled in glee. It seemed quite shallow . The lack of depth scared her. She refused to see what is ahead, for what she left behind was a treasure trove of life in all forms. Her home hid the sun from the moon, changed colours as it pleased and made the world fall in love.

There is a strange aura, one that cannot be washed away by our chants to the divine. The impiety of the illiterate and the educated selfish brutes might have to make way for some self revelation. The narcissists will have to take a step backwards. They said that the world is falling apart. It is not the world that is falling apart, it is the self that we have kept safely inside the temple of our minds that is finally falling apart. It is being brutally dissected never to be whole again. Let it remain. The self that marginalizes and objectifies the other should not and does not deserve to exist. The “other” should not exist. It is beyond all of this, it is beyond all of us.

Lives don’t matter…

She spread like.wild fire….knew no borders….didn’t stop to admire the opulence of the mansions ,neither did she pity the ones without any…. She flew across continents….no amount of arms and ammunition scared her..

She simply laughed….. the mere mortals pointing fingers at each other….calling out religions and rituals…men continue to blame each other, they continue to divide…..they continue digging their own graves……

They walked miles to reach the comforts and safety of their homes….little did they know ….that their so called saviours had already failed them… the ballots mattered…their lives didn’t….

Those tiny feet against the scorching heat….those hungry stomachs….those lost lives….. the “saviours” are busy fighting over which man made religion is responsible for the pandemic unleashed upon this planet…

Lives don’t matter…. religion does..

Dalgona Coffee

Coffee has always been a dear friend of mine. She has stayed awake with me day and night!! When the tough times caged me in, coffee and its intoxicating disposition managed my temperament. I will always be indebted to you my dear pal!!!

Monotony tends to crush our otherwise merry disposition. Change doesn’t always make us feel comfortable, but curiosity does peep in from the most secret corners of our minds. Delgone coffee was such a sweet discovery. It still tastes like coffee, the process though is quite exciting!!

Do try it out!!