English Breakfast :)

Breakfast!!! Supposedly the most important meal of the day, yet, the one meal that most of us tend to skip!!

Whether you live in a mansion with a chef at your calling or you live in a shack on the roadside, a majority of the time one tends to skip it. The reason is pretty obvious!! We all need our beauty sleep, hence, we cant wake up half an hour early to have our first meal of the day. (I am only referring to people who can afford a meal. The others are just helpless while we waste away food and water)

This is the most important meal of the day!! Some like any other college going girl, never really had breakfast properly (that is after I moved away from my parents). And what I almost always ended up having was a cup a Nescafe coffee and a veg. Burger from our cafeteria. Now, that wasn’t bad!! The burger tasted like heaven and the coffee (a little too sweet) gave me the energy to endure the ordeals of the rest of the day. But we all looked forward to the day when we would finally be rich (when we get our pocket money) enough to afford an English breakfast from a pretty unfairly expensive cafe.

There is something about the English Breakfast. Although as a child I grew up eating dosa, idli and sambar for breakfast, something about it made me want to go back and spend money on the unfairly priced, emptying my wallet kinda meal. It doesn’t really have to be the taste because the food that I am otherwise used to is a ginormous treasure house of flavours. I believe it the beauty of that dish. Sheer presentation. It just looks complete!!!

The browns, greens, yellow and red just makes it look like a little garden on my plate. It looks so succulent.


You know when you think of this? When you are sitting at home biting on a piece of multigrain bread with a boring omelet!!!(because you are just lazy).

I mean the soft, juicy mushrooms, the baked beans drenched in its sauce, the boiled and seasoned greens with the perfectly cooked sausage and hash browns… mouth watering!!

I never really had it on my own!! We usually just shared one and sometimes there would still be leftovers!! But then the satisfaction of having it from a cafe close to college, while the majority of the class died in the classroom was just delightful. Hard to get them back!!

English Breakfast will always be close to my heart!! 🙂 🙂


Over a cup of tea!! :D ( Random Rant.. )

I am so in love with myself. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that.

Do you know what is wrong with this world? It makes you believe that you are just not enough. It can be quite intimidating. You are constantly struggling to keep up with its standards, there is stress, strain, and absolutely no sense of happiness or self-satisfaction. You wait out your entire life waiting for the gyre to turn (yes I am obsessed with the idea of gyre), for a new dawn to rise, where you will finally be able to breathe on your own, to function on your own without the coded functionalities that the world has fed you with from childhood.

It is hard to capture a moment, hence, no matter how trivial,  trap it within your mind, to revisit and ruminate. ( It does sound complicated, doesn’t it? )

She stood there, felt the ground beneath her feet. It was a bit sweaty, maybe from climbing the stairs to her terrace. The turquoise coloured sandals with the fluorescent pink flowers never failed to excite her.  The sun was about to set. She kept her bucket overflowing with washed clothes down and ran towards the part of the terrace where the sun-blessed her with its rays. He(Sun! Obviously! He thinks too much of himself sometimes) was being a bit too stingy I must remark. But she went ahead and stood there and pointed at her better half to capture a picture. And guess what he captured it before she was done posing. Result? (hence the half-closed eyes and slightly bulged tummy :D)


It is definitely not every day feeling ( I mean sometimes when I am having tea I see the entire day flash by, the stupid cab driver, the early morning bus ride, the lunch I skipped, the upset tummy and annoying people!! ) But you know what? I loved it so much that whenever I feel a little lost, I go stand on my balcony, sip on a cup of hot tea and just let go. We are no machines, hence we won’t feel the same everytime we do that, but we are capable of so much emotion that what I feel every time is more like how you find so many colours in a rainbow, each unique and each one beautiful. But without all of the colours together you can never call it a rainbow. ( This made sense when I wrote this!!)


There are times when she feels like a lucky girl, lucky to be here this moment, standing on the balcony, sipping tea from a cup with smiley faces, with “BIRTHDAY” spelt as”BRITHDAY”, staring at the flower, all dried up hanging off of a branch, I mean you have to enjoy everything, both good and bad. And sometimes what is not very pleasing to the eye can give you a roller coaster ride down the memory lane. She thought of the times when she picked badam stranded on the ground (nobody really cared for them!!), grabbed a pretty big stone, placed it on another flat surface and cracked it open!! Ohh the satisfaction.


Then there is “pucham” (scorn),  I mean I have conquered!!! Or it can even be “This tea is damn good!!! I am a pro at this!!! 😀 ”


Finally, she is at her happy place.




A teeny tiny story :) Maybe I need to go on a picnic!!

There was the sound of the wind whistling away, the plants dancing to their rhythm, the birds sang their favourite songs and children soaked in innocence.  The land was lush green, as far as one could see, small violet flowers, lay a bed of the violet ocean, there were colours , the flora and fauna enriched the landscape with their palette of colour. It was a sight to behold, one that can take your breath away, almost like a painting.


There was a small house, made of bright red bricks and hay stacked roof. And from it came the voice of a young child singing in excitement the morning rhymes. Around the house, there were two little sheep hopping around, jolly good fellows. The little girl opened the door and ran out, with a tiny basket in her hands, filled with goodies to gulp down after a tiring day outdoors. Her mom, dressed in a blue frock ran after her, quite merrily with a folded cloth and a jar of lemon juice freshly squeezed.  They sat under a tree, ate yummy food, while she played in the grass, with her jolly fellows, as her mother watched over her and soaked in the beauty of the nature around her.


Tingmo, beautiful twirling tiny big edible thing :D

Recently I got to try something which is called ‘Tingmo’. And to be honest, the reason why I decided to try it was its beautiful shape. It looked almost like beautifully yet meticulously created architecture made out of ice cream or just whipped cream (anything made of sugar catches my eyes :D). As I impatiently waited for my tingmo I silently watched others and their orders. There was a woman sitting right next to our table who was literally asking the waiter the entire recipes of their menu before placing an order (it is understandable if the person is allergic to certain things!! But clearly she wasn’t!!!). Now this bothers me (foodies out there will understand). You come to a Tibetanese restaurant to try their cuisine, there is definitely an element of surprise that makes it interesting for us. And there are spoilsports like this woman!!!


Anyways, a few minutes passed and I finally got my Tingmo on my plate, I had ordered some beef along with it (the best meat in the world!!).  I stared at it for awhile, for a moment I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, it just looked so beautiful!!! So I finally gave my imagination a break and delved into this dish. I took a small piece of the pretty twirls, dipped it in the curry and chewed on it. Now, to be honest, it doesn’t really taste like anything. It is just plain bread like thing, but with the curry, it tasted divine.  I couldn’t finish the whole thing because it was quite big for my tummy at that moment.

It is so funny, food is just not about taste it is also about how it looks. I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew what it tasted like, but the way it looked grabbed my attention. It made me wanna taste it.  I will definitely be going back for more, it is yummy with some curry 😀

Foodgasm!!! When starved :D

Today for lunch I had a nutri bar.  While I was chewing on it, I could feel the sugar and the chocolate flavour of something that was added in it ooze out, washing my tongue with an addictive taste. After having this particular bar, I sat there thinking “okay now my lunch is done. This is how I am going to manage my weight”. The very next second, my brain reminded me of sumptuous Kerala cuisine. The meal that I had a few days back, the well cut, soft cooked, spicey meat mixed with rice. The salad and the pickle. I saw all of it, my taste buds craved for them.  Let’s not forget the dessert!! Pazham nurukku , ripe bananas cooked to perfection in a sea of jaggery and coconut. The smell that it gave off was more lethal than any chemical known to man. It was powerful in the sense that it had the power to lure the most obstinate man on the planet.

Haaahhh….so I stared into the air and turned back and stared at the wrap of the nutri bar. The monotone could not grab my attention. Compare this to the variety of colour and taste on my plate a few days ago. 

Sometimes it is just not worth It!!!

Evening Walks :)

You know why evening walks are the best?? They give the most memorable mental photographs (morning walks too!!). You see so much.

A few days ago I saw a Patti, sitting under a beautiful tree, fully grown, blooming, vibrant with its pink colours. First thing I thought of doing was clicking a picture of that beautiful tree. Then I saw this little woman, with white hair, clad in saree, chewing on something. She was also staring at the tree. The only difference between me and her was the fact that she was ruminating, and I was trying to click a nice picture. The moment I saw her enjoying the experience the tree was giving her, I put my phone away and looked at the tree. It almost looked like a tree bearing a lot of pink bouquets. As if somebody had glued a lot of flowers together with precision.

The funny thing is, around the tree I could not see anything that can be defined as serene or beautiful. Around it was concrete buildings, one was being demolished a few houses away, there were dust and dirt everywhere, the workers yelling and screaming. Yet, this woman could think so peacefully!! Imagine the power precious little bunch of flowers has on our imagination. Right behind it, we have a park, enclosed, with huge trees, there were a group of women walking around it in circles. A few youngsters on their phone, few men ogling at the woman walking, only if they could enjoy and see what the old granny was seeing….. So now I have decided to stop circling the park like a hamster running on its wheel and explore what my neighbourhood has to offer other than hostile neighbours 😀

Face Masks :D

I have been obsessed with face masks lately and let me be honest with you they do help!! Especially if you are living in a city like Bangalore where you are engulfed by pollution, name all the hazardous chemicals, and you have it here for free!!!! So every day when you go out in the morning, regardless of whether you are wearing sunscreen to protect yourself or not, chances are your skin will be dead by the time you get back home. And the poor thing you cant blame it, it is just exposed to so much to the point where it cant bear it anymore.

You know, it is a part of you (DUH!! It is the largest organ on your body!!), so you need to take care of it. People are going to be like, OMG WOMAN!! Your skin is dead, all the blackheads, whiteheads, blueheads and what not!!! Listen all of that is bullshit, first of all, dont listen to crappy people judging you, just listen to yourself. When you get back home, stare at the mirror, you will notice that your skin has become all dull (DUH!!) so you take a mask you put it on your face and go about doing whatever you want or take a ten minutes power nap and wake up feeling fresh. That is what it does. It just relaxes you, you just feel better!!!!

And Nykaa facemasks have been my go-to for a while. They always have these offers where you can like buy five and get five free. How good is that!!!! And recently I bought facemasks from a Korean brand named MUMUSO. It does the same, it soothes your skin.And it’s pretty cheap. I bought it from their shop.

Anyways, since it is winter, use face masks, it only takes fifteen minutes but it helps. It is not about making your skin fairer or any crap like that, it is about feeling good!!!

Do try!!