Small yet powerful

Have you ever noticed that the tiniest of things that we see around us are damn powerful.

For example, today I looked at my tiny cat. Everyday early morning at around 5 she wakes me up!!! She is a very determined little creature. She will continue crying until I get my bottom off of the bed (while my husband sleeps peacefully right next to me completely unaffected by the cacophony) . She expects me to walk to the washroom while she follows or leads , depending upon her mood.

She will stare at me until I answer nature’s call and once I go about my routine, ( now that she is reassured that I will be there for atleast one minute ) she will make sure that I am around by gently caressing my legs with her tiny tail, showing off her beautiful ass, and then keep both her front legs on the side of the orange bucket (not that it makes any difference) and drink water. Then she will lead me out of the washroom, roll on the mat while chewing on my fingers!!!

All of this is accomplished by a tiny cat who doesn’t even know how to meow properly!!!


Through the window of my car…..

He looked out the window, the three bars that separated him from the world outside. It could be so different for him out there. The land could be crying for water, the wind blowing against his face could be carrying the scent of the rain. It probably drowned in his sweat.

She stared at the beautiful sky, the scorching heat of the sun almost blinding. Yet she tried hard, slightly twitching her eyes, with one hand below her chin resting on the bars. the red and green bangles .

He looked out the window, eyes as innocent as ever, his slightly brownish hair dripping from sweat, perhaps from the embrace of his dear father whose hands are covered in blisters, or his starving mother, having only enough warmth in her heart to feed her child.


Early morning conversations

It is a beautiful day today

The pigeon is happy, she seems to be singing her happy song, her head slightly tilted to

the right, eyes gracefully sliding from one point to the other…




My little furball seems to be happy… but I can tell that she is a little flustered..

She has been trying to strike a conversation with her little, blue coloured friend… she doesn’t understand the complex spectrum of colours. I told her that it is blue!!! And so she waits near my bedroom window behind the pink coloured make-shift curtains…..waiting to strike a conversation….

The wait might be eternal because her blue coloured friend knows that this tiny ball of fur could be life-threatening…. so she sits far away, gracefully yet cautiously observing the possible threat. While my tiny tot is longing to be caressed by those blue feathers… or could she be waiting to suck and chew on those feathers just like she almost licked my beautiful grey coloured dream catcher into tiny threads whose life has been sucked out…

Some people form a bond of silence. They just quietly watch each other….wondering what will happen when someday they finally meet…

I must say I am not looking forward to it!!!

Far away…

Somebody pls take me back!!!
Away from the city life. Somewhere far where one can hear the wind whisper if you listen closely, where fresh coffee beans are ground, and brewed into a small steel tumbler. Where the plantation seems to have been taken from a secret garden, where the birds cuckoos and the dew drops shine bright.
Where life just happens.
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Them, my taste buds

When you bite into them, it’s crunchy at first, quite crispy, as the teeth sink into it, the juices begin to flow ,it washes your palate with the spices,¬† the taste buds slowly dancing its way, sending shock waves up to your brains forcing you to close your eyes and transcend into obscurity……


What is life without food???

Its ability to change ones temperament is irrefutable. It takes you from the darkest corners to experience the sanguinary valleys of hope and light. It is almost like salvation. some may claim that it is just a temporary solution. True that! But a little light in darkness never hurts.



If you love the various hues and moods of the blue, then you are sure to love this place!!!

When you go there for a vacation then you can be asured that you will leave quite a bit of your worries behind and come back home, rejuvenated and relaxed!!!

The shacks right next to the sea, with some music and loads of sea food and some beer, is the ultimate comfort zone. You can just sit there and unwind.


This is a lemon fish platter. It contains an entire lemon fish which is found only in Goa. It is pretty cost friendly, for a platter that size. They cost about  1000rs. You can choose between butter-garlic fried and masala fried. We tried both and liked masala better for this one. It is juicy, spicy and just beautiful.


This is Pomfret, the butter garlic fried. This one is quite cheap, around 700rs. And with pomfret both masala and butter-garlic tastes amazing.


Now, this is the star of the show!! Tiger prawns, masala fried. They come and show it to you and fry all of the seafood fresh. While you wait you can enjoy the sea. At night especially they set the tables close to the sea, outside the shack and give you a small lamp and the rest of the night you sit under the light from that tiny lamp, it is just surreal! Now tiger prawn is a bit expensive. It was 2000rs for a plate, it had around 6 prawns but it was worth it!!!

Now don’t get me wrong!! the place is not just about seafood!! If you are into adventure sports and shopping the place will not disappoint! They have flea markets and adventure sports on all the beaches!!!

The White Mystic

It’s almost like the whole place under a sheath of white, glistening snow. The blanket is so cosy that the little greens that thrive during winter happily poke out, the sun adds a little joy.

Of all the seasons, Christmas is definitely my favourite!!

There is something special that this season offers.

Nature clad in a black dress, with green embroidered all over, the trees that cave into the night glistening with little sparkles of light. The white churches, covered with combinations of red, green and white. The beautiful songs that gush its way out of them windows, almost like subtle waves of happiness wrapped in divinity.

The christmas tree, the warm cookies with milk. The cakes and sweets.

It is christmas that makes winter colourful!!